Sunday, September 6, 2015

Books You Need To Have

Three more arrived in the mail. I am a certified book-a-holic and especially love ones that help you learn new skills or brush up on the ones you already have. I was very happy to get these three because they are all excellent. I've learned you could dehydrate peaches and finished one whole load of them.

There is banana chips, carrots and onions working as I write this. The best book about dehydrating that I've found is called Preserve It Naturally from Excalibur. You can get more information about it and order it HERE.

Next is a book called Herbally Yours by Penny C. Royal. I am starting to grow quite a few herbs and plan to have a lot more. One whole bed in the garden is filled with them. I figured if I'm growing medicinal ones that I should learn how to use them properly and this book is a great beginning. You can get your own copy HERE

The third book is called So Easy To Preserve. I went to a Fall Festival with a friend and met some wonderful ladies from the UT Extension service. They told us about this book from the University of Georgia. They extolled it's virtues for about 10 minutes and they weren't wrong. It is very detailed and has a ton of information. I don't make any affiliate money from this book. I just love it. Get your copy HERE.

What books do you recommend? 

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  1. I am enjoying your blog! My husband and I are about to start homesteading on 7 acres and I will be reverting back to your blog for help! Thanks!!!


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