Wednesday, September 23, 2015

7 Places To Buy Bulk Food and Grains, Regular and Organic

1. Azure Standard
They specialize in natural, organic, earth-friendly foods and products. We deliver directly to customers, buying clubs and retailers by semi truck and UPS. 

Eden is the oldest natural and organic food company in North America and the largest independent manufacturer of dry grocery organic foods.

We order fresh natural foods by the truckload….…but you don’t have to buy a truckload! We order the freshest natural foods from across America – apples and oranges, whole grains and nuts, and lots of other good things in between. A few weeks before we receive a shipment, we send out an email to the members in our group.

I love this company. I use quite a few of their products for our horses like the Grape Balm hoof support and the all natural worm check. I'm going to try the vitamins for people with my next order. They are very nice and even added a free wormer to my first order when I mentioned the cost of shipping. 

5. Freeze Dry Guy
Commit resources to your survival plan, acquire and maintain necessary safety equipment, train your family in how to react to all manner of global or personal disasters and conduct and assess drills to verify your family is prepared. Check out their Medical Kits.

Not food right now but will provide for the future either by producing fruit, shade for your livestock or by adding to your Permaculture.

International Foodsource is dedicated to supplying quality wholesale grains. If you are a restaurant, grocery store, or any other volume buyer, we are your one stop shop for all your grain needs. Our selection of grains include (but are not limited to) Barley, Bulgur Wheat, Millet, Quinoa, and Farro. Our grains are provided in a multitude of different colors and sizes.

Whether you are looking for Red Quinoa or Steel-Cut Oats, IFS Bulk can provide you with your wholesale needs. We specialize in high quality products at the lowest prices around. All of our grains are sold as 25 lb boxes, and we also provide the per-pound price so you can see your savings. Our devotion lies in helping you acquire the grain you are looking for.

These are just a few places to find bulk food to feed your family and livestock now or for long term emergency storage. What items do you currently buy in bulk?

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