Friday, September 25, 2015

Trash Tossing and Shopping

Yup, just pick a day and start somewhere. Preferably a small space so you don't give up easily. I personally started in our small bathroom. Did I mention before that we are building a Tiny house? I do mean tiny, 650 square feet so yes the bathroom is small but mighty.

Other than the kitchen I believe it is the worst offender for plastics and consumables. I started making our own toothpaste, body scrubs and facial cleansers so no more plastic items there to toss! We also use Castille soap for washing our bodies, hair and dishes which really cuts down on the number of consumables. So far and we love it all. No more harsh chemicals. You can find some of my recipes here.

I had to go shopping for items like vitamins, mouthwash, toilet paper and some OTC medications so I decided to go to Costco. I don't go very often, but they do have some good buys on those kinds of items. I try to reuse, reduce, recycle or buy used but not these items obviously. I found myself really searching for products that we needed in the right containers.

It is very hard if not impossible to get them in anything other than plastic that is why mouthwash will be on my next recipe list of things to make at home. After finishing there with a lot fewer items than I used to leave with I stopped at Krogers for the food items I needed. After tossing the bathroom of all plastic consumables like toothbrushes, plastic pump cleanser bottles and throw away razors, I now use my hubby's safety razor and mason jars for everything else.

I did find a sale on a wooden set of cutting boards for the kitchen so as soon as I got home I happily tossed the old plastic one away! It was only $11 for three. It's amazing how differently we think now when looking for products that we need. I don't buy anywhere near what I used to and our trash bag size has gone down considerably. 

What have you tossed today?


  1. Thank you. I try to be of help to new people at least and hopefully old timers can learn a little also.


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