Saturday, September 19, 2015

Living History at John Sevier Days

Talk about living a no plastic lifestyle. Well back then there wasn't any plastic to be found. Everything was hand made and sustainable. Great craftsmanship, lots of knowledge, games that don't require electronics and good food.

We were planning on going to a fall festival but it turned out to be to far to drive so we along with some friends decided to find something else to do. We love these kinds of fairs so settled on going to the Marble Springs State Historic Site for John Sevier Days.

Born in Virginia in 1745, John Sevier made a name for himself as a Revolutionary War Hero during the Battle of Kings Mountain (1780), a key player & Governor of the short-lived State of Franklin (1784-1788), and ultimately was elected to serve as the first Governor of the State of Tennessee (1796).

Marble Springs was the approximate 350-acre farm that Sevier lived on from 1801-1815, the last years of his life. Sevier named his farm Marble Springs because of the Tennessee Rose Marble that was quarried on site and the natural springs that flowed on the property.

We enjoyed 18th century demonstrations such as spinning and weaving; blacksmithing; weapons demonstrations, which showcased period-appropriate firearms; 18th century style militia drills; regional craft demonstrations; historic lectures and more!

I learned a lot of interesting things like how to brain tan our rabbit hides and that Pennyroyal is very good to place around your home to keep fleas out. I've been wanting to learn how to tan hides and found that this method is the best and easiest. It makes the hides stay very soft. Can't wait to try it. 

What did you learn today? Something new to help on your homesteading journey I hope. 


  1. It was so much fun! I learned that I want a house simply made like those.

  2. It looks like you guys had so much fun! All of those pictures are amazing. I wish I could have gone with you, but I'm glad that you all found the absolute perfect event for you and your homesteading lifestyles. Good luck tanning your rabbit hides. I cannot wait to hear the results. -Dolly

  3. Yes those houses were great. I would have loved living back then. Next time you can join us I'm sure.


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