Monday, September 14, 2015

6 Ways To Feed Livestock Naturally

We try to feed our whole family naturally. No packaged food, farm fresh, sometimes organic but mostly healthy with no preservatives. The biggest way we do that is by raising our own animals as naturally as we can.

1, All livestock is pasture raised or fed our own grass and weeds that is maintained all naturally. We don't use chemicals of any kind. We believe in letting mother nature do her thing and try our best to live in harmony with her. We let them unto one area at a time while the others rest. We use a wood pallet pulled behind the tractor to spread out the piles they leave behind for fertilizer.

2. Grown a garden. Raised beds, in ground rows which I really don't like as it hurts the land way more than it does any good but if that is all you have, go for it. A few containers at least. Then you control the type of fertilizers and bug prevention to use. We use our own rabbit manure which is the best for plants. It is not a hot type so you can put it on your beds right away and not have to wait to compost it. For bugs I use a different methods. Companion Planting, Picking bugs off by hand and homemade Pepper spray.

3. Grow both food and medicinal herbs. A lot of your animals can benefit from the different kinds and of course they are great for yourself as well. Please do your research to make sure they are safe for the livestock to eat. Here is a good list.

4. Make your own grain mixes. We do this for our rabbits, poultry and horses. There are many good ones out there but here is the one we like for rabbits. This one is for your goats. For poultry visit Stone Family Farmstead Here. For horses we feed whole oats, fresh grass hay in the winter and pasture. They all have access to fresh clean water and minerals.

5. Do lots of research. Here are some places I like to visit regularly.
One Acre Farm
Rise and Shine Rabbitry
DIY Naturally
Land Of Havilah

6. Use natural methods for healthcare. Medicinal herbs and essential oils can do a lot instead of store bought chemicals. I use the wormer from Dr Dan for our horses.

How do you feed?

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