About Us

My name is Victoria Anglin and my husband's name is Bruce. We are retired after many years of  hard work. Our children are grown and living their own lives after being raised on a farm and home-schooled by me. As we were contemplating this phase of our lives and where we would eventually settle, we decided to move to the wonderful state of Tennessee. The eastern part where the weather is good most of the year. The people are friendly and there is a lot of things to see and do.

We thought we would live in our RV for a while but that didn't last very long. We took a drive down a narrow winding road one day on our way to the Great Smoky Mountains and found a very nice piece of property with a year round creek running through it and pastures for livestock. Thirty days later we owned it and our RV was parked on it.

The animals started coming soon after. Horses first then chickens and ducks. Rabbits have joined the crowd recently and next we are thinking about dairy goats and Dexter cattle. We have a large garden area with raised beds and have planted a lot of fruit trees already.

In between getting that going the barn got started and our cabin is mostly done. We travel to a lot of local areas to trail ride with our horses, Visit museums, go sightseeing and visit local attractions. There is a lot here to see and do. Mainly we just try to live a zero waste, no plastic, healthy, clean enjoyable life while providing for ourselves.