Thursday, September 17, 2015

Homestead Happenings, Babies, Snakes and Birds

Lots of excitement around here lately. It's fair time in quite a few states this time of year and Tennessee is no exception. Bruce goes to college but only had one class on Monday so we headed to the fairgrounds for some good food and fun.

 We got there pretty early so the crowds were small. First place we headed for was the rabbit barn. I needed to find a buck that is old enough to breed to my girls because my guy is too young yet. Well I found a nice one for only $10 so went ahead and paid for him. We left him in the rabbit barn until we got ready to leave.

 That is not him but is what his breed looks like. After taking care of that business we went to see the poultry. After checking out all the different birds we found a set of four hens and a rooster that we really liked so they joined our ever growing livestock family.


The food was spectacular as usual. What's not to like about fair food? Greek Gyros, huge baskets of spiral fries with whatever toppings you like and of course the funnel cake with fresh strawberries! After all that we decided to walk it off by visiting the exhibit hall. Lots of fun stuff to see there.

On the way out we picked up our new critters then had a nice drive home. We set up two quarantine pens for the birds and rabbit then went to check on Betty as she was due anytime. I found her eating away contentedly and saw movement in her nest box. I of course had to take a peek. There were 5 babies! All looked healthy and happy so I left her to enjoy her new family.

Betty is an English Spot rabbit and a very good mom. Can't wait to see them grow. It looks like 2 spotted like her, a blue, a black and one red like the buck Fred!

Yesterday when I went out to do evening chores and collect eggs there was a snake in one of the hen houses! Eeeck! I hate them so backed out of the pen and screamed for Bruce. He knew by that tone that something was wrong and came running. My hero got it out and checked everything to make sure all was well.

This morning I started the day by getting kisses from our two horses. No better way to get going in the morning or anytime.

I decided to head for the garden where I gathered fresh veggies for my lunch. A caprese salad. Yum!

Lots of exciting things going on around here. I love fall! How about you? What is your favorite time of year and why?


  1. I love fall more than any other time of the year. I love that one of your popcorns looks like their dad.

  2. Me too! I also am really happy to have a possible blue baby.


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