Monday, September 14, 2015

How To Store More In Your Tiny Kitchen

We are in the process of building our tiny cabin. It is mostly finished. All the important stuff is done like the bathroom and kitchen except for the two small end walls. They need either paint or wood. I'm thinking about going with pallet wood to reuse some old ones that are laying around outside.

I found quite a few ideas on Pinterest that I like. This one is my favorite. After doing the walls this way I may put up decorative hooks for storing items I don't use often. Another place to do that is on any cabinet sides that aren't up against a wall.

Another thing we did is use the space above the cabinets to store pots and big bowls. I have quite a collection of dutch ovens and don't use them every day so the smaller ones went up there.

Pegboards are great too. I use them everywhere especially in my tiny craft room. Yes I have enough space for one. I have to be able to do my art quilts.

I had hubby put up lots of hooks under the cabinets that hold everything from coffee cups to my mixer paddles. They are great and you can find combo packages in most home stores that contain all different sizes.

Visit The Kitchn for more ideas. How do find more space to store things?

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