Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gardening Festival

Today was a wonderful day to be outside. A friend and I decided to go to the Master Gardener Fall Festival at our local college extension research center. They had a list of free classes all day including a one called Cooking with Grains that turned out to be very good because we got to eat the results.

We had three dishes that were all made with mostly fresh ingredients to try. They all turned out very well and I learned how to make Quinoa. I've tried before without much success but now I feel like I can do it. This is my friend Jessica and I enjoying that class.

I also got some great ideas for reusing different things in your garden plan. We have a few acres and try not to buy new things to use. When they dug our well and put in the septic, they found lots of rocks I can reuse to do something like the photo below. I also bought some medicinal herbs to add to my collection.

I mostly do raised beds but have wanted to try this square foot gardening and plan on it near our cabin with herbs. How do you garden, in beds, rows or containers?

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