Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fall Garden Planning Time

Yes it's that time already. I woke up late this morning because I didn't get to sleep until about 5 am. I have chronic insomnia so it happens. It's OK. I have still gotten plenty done already today.

First item was to set up a new rabbit hutch for Betty's kits to be moved into for weaning. I did that with a little help from my husband then moved the first two kits into it along with a new bunch of fresh greenery, water and pine cones to chew on. I will move two more tomorrow and then the last two the day after that. It helps the doe to stop producing milk when you do it that way so they don't develop mastitis.

After caring for all the animals I came back into our cabin for my morning coffee and granola. I thought about what to do next and the garden started calling my name. I took a farm bag, garden shears, seeds and Tory with me to start working.

They were some plants that still needed to be cleared out so that's what I did. The tomatoes and corn are finished for this season. The old plants either go to the rabbits or on to the new raised beds to compost over the winter. 

Next I had to decide where to add the new seeds. Carrots, Mescalin lettuce mix and radishes. I have one bed dedicated to herbs along with the ones that are on our porch railing so they are handy when I'm cooking. I chose the next bed over to plant the seeds. After planting I watered them in well and marked the rows. It was getting hot so the rest will have to wait until later this evening. Peas, more pumpkins and lettuce are next to go in.

As I was working away Tory was chasing frogs in the creek and Bruce was installing our new automatic gate opener. That will make life so much easier, especially when we are going in and out with our horse trailer. Right now it's operated by battery but as soon as they go on sale we will get a solar unit to work it. Just one more way to help do our part in not using electricity. 

 I also managed to get some herbs in the dehydrator for winter use. This time it is mint and basil. Daisy watched from her spot on the couch.

Have you started your fall garden? What are you planting? Here are some good ideas from Old World Garden Farms. I read this blog often They have some wonderful ideas and helpful advice.


  1. Good job, especially liked the tip for giving pone cone to the rabbits as chew toys. Best of luck with the Fall Garden!

  2. Thank you. The rabbits do enjoy them. They have to chew as their teeth grow constantly so until our apple trees get bigger the cones have to do.


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