Friday, August 21, 2015

Are Quilting and Photography Homesteading Skills?

I love to quilt. I use a sewing machine but do it by hand if the power goes out, It is a great homesteading skill to have. Even if you are off the grid without power you can still do it. A pair of scissors, thread and some fabric is all it takes. Is it a skill you should have. Yes! Blankets are always needed for warmth and they also make great trade items.

Patterns also but it's relatively easy to make your own if you don't have any or you can make a crazy quilt. It doesn't require a pattern. Cut fabric in all different shapes then sew it together with decorative stitches and voila, a crazy quilt is born.

I don't really like doing traditional quilts but have on occasion. I made a blue jean one with my oldest son before he deployed years ago. He wanted a really big heavy one so that's what we made and used jeans from all our family members. I also made one from my daughters baby clothes for her but usually I stick to art quilts.

Yesterday I started on a new one with farm animals. Block #1 is a rabbit with carrots and lettuce. The photo below is the beginning of it and even though it's made from all different fabrics pieced together instead of regular blocks, it can still keep you warm in the winter. 

Block #2 is a duck with babies. I got most of it done today. Just have the babies left. Of course these are far from done even then. The final stitching, putting the quilt together. quilting and binding takes time after all the fun stuff is done.

While I was having fun working on this quilt my husband was taking a class at college and got some great photos while he was on a break. I think photography is also a good skill to have. You can document your belongings, take accident pictures and do detailed shots of a skill you are learning.

It was a busy day here getting all this done and our new Stove got here. I just ordered it two days ago so I was thrilled. Of course I can't use it yet because we need to get it hooked up. Our electrician is a busy guy but hopefully will get here soon.

Do you think quilting is a good skill to have? Do you quilt or sew?

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