Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Rabbits

We woke up this morning to some rain. It's badly needed here so it was a great way to start the day. Coffee pot turned on then out to do chores.  We only had a little while until we had to leave for a nice two hour drive to pick up some new rabbits. As we headed out the door I grabbed my mason jar full of cold well water and Bruce got his coffee so we wouldn't have to stop for water in plastic bottles or coffee in Styrofoam cups.

The rabbits are not pedigreed which is fine as they will be bred for meat. We are a working homestead and do raise animals to eat. It is a mom and 6 babies. The kits, which are what baby rabbits are called are about 6 weeks old. They will stay with mom for another two weeks then will be weaned. Meet Betty and kits!

We have two New Zealand Reds that were here 1st and they are Fred and Wilma so Betty seemed appropriate. 

After meeting the people that we were buying Betty from we stopped at a farmers market and scored some huge apples, nice peaches, cabbage, cucumbers, cantelope and peppers. They all went into my reusable shopping bags or cardboard boxes that the farmer had.

After getting home with everything we had to set up the new cage for Betty and kids. While we were doing that one of our ducks and roosters were watching from outside.

A good day with family. What did you do to better your life today?

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