Thursday, August 27, 2015

Are You Prepared?

Today is a Prepper day. We aren't hard core survivalists or Preppers but we do try to have everything we need for most situations. No not the Zombies or the Apocalypse but the everyday emergencies. Power outage, bad weather, vehicle problems, sickness or livestock health problems so today I'm working on having more of what we need for those kinds of events.

I have been working on a quilt and got the third block started. It is the cutest baby lamb. The first was a rabbit that you can see HERE. The second block is a duck with her babies.

Quilts are something everyone should have especially with fall getting here. Winter is not far behind.

After finishing the lamb block I started on a basket of fresh peaches we got at a farmers market the other day. I'm going to can this bunch. They were still pretty hard so I waited until they softened up so the skins will come off easily when scolded in boiling water then dropped in an ice water bath.

I went to a garden festival that you can read about in my last post and while there I found an awesome canning book that every preppers kitchen should have. You can find information about it and order HERE.  More great kitchen self sufficiency ideas are over at Pantry Paratus. You can find all kinds of goodies there as well and they have FREE shipping for Military!

Overseas Military (with an APO or FPO address) always get free shipping. Please use the coupon code "apo-fpo" to apply that discount. It's our way of saying "thanks."

If you raise rabbits I have found an awesome product that can save your arms from scratches when moving them around. They are used by welders all the time and work great in your rabbit barn.

If you don't have a building to house your rabbits or supplies you should check out this post on how to buy shipping containers.

Books are a very good idea for your survival preparedness homestead. I have quite a few and try to add to our stash all the time. I've found some I think you might be able to use. I personally own all of these or plan to buy ASAP.

What do you do to add to your stash? I personally think you need to learn skills first then add lots of real books not electronic ones to your library. Most electronics won't be working in emergencies. After that medical supplies then water and food. If you need an idea of where to start or what kinds of food to get please leave a comment below and I'll do my best to help you.


Thank you so much for taking time from your day to stop by and leave your thoughts on our life.