Thursday, July 30, 2015

Zero Waste Lifestyle

What does that mean. Well to me it is literal to the best of your abilities and lifestyle. We are new to doing it completely but are doing our best. The first steps for us are to purge our home of all plastics and non reusable things.

Researching companies to buy replacement items that are sustainable and reusable, like stainless steel drink straws, to go food containers, 100% organic cotton napkins, grocery and veggies bags, mason jars, glass bowls and more.

Reducing all trash by not buying items that are packaged in plastic or made from it, recycling and composting. Using all leftovers before they have to go to the compost bin or get fed to our chickens.

Doing more things by hand instead of using machines to save energy and gasoline. I use a hand crank food mill in canning produce, a hand can opener and walk around our property to do chores and gardening instead of using the tractor. Turning off the AC and opening the windows more often. Not showering twice a day and making more all natural personal hygiene products all help.

Finding organic food for our pets and livestock is something else we are working on. Not taking as many trips to town too. It all helps. We have a long way to go but at least we have started. Have you?

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