Sunday, July 26, 2015

Today's Garden Bounty

I woke up very early this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed! Ready to take on this beautiful Tennessee morning. Coffee had to wait. The garden was calling my name. As I walked out the door my Hanging Tree cowdog pup Tory greeted me enthusiastically wanting to join me on my journey around our property.

Our first stop was at the creek so she could play in the water. She loves to chase the leaves and pounce on the sticks that float by her.

Then it was off to the garden where the jungle of Sweet Potato vines awaited us. Yesterday I pulled two plants and got a huge bag of potatoes. This morning was no different. I cleaned out the other three plants and received another large amount of potatoes. The plants spread out and take up a lot of garden space so I don't think I'll be planting them anymore. After harvesting you still have to take them somewhere dark to lay them out on newspapers for at least two months to dry and cure before you can eat them. Not worth the garden space in my opinion for the amount we use. I will just buy them at the farmers market from now on.

I was getting a little tired by then but still had to harvest the rest of today's produce. Lots of tomatoes, green and red, large and small. Cucumbers, mint, squash and eggplant. We tried white and purple this year and liked both varieties.

I added all the sweet potato vines and any bad produce I found to the new raised beds. It will all compost and add good stuff to them for next year. I had a large area cleaned out so replanted with Basil, Cilantro and pumpkins.

OK done now and definitely time for coffee so Tory and I head to the house with our haul. I almost had to make two trips. On the way there we checked on the rabbits. They needed fresh hay and water. I don't have a hose at their barn yet so carry it to them in 2 liter soda bottles. Yes they are plastic so I need to get a galvanized pail to do it in the future.

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