Monday, July 27, 2015

Beginning Trash Roundup

I thought I should show how much trash we generate as a couple with pets and livestock. This was about 1 months worth. Yes you can see the water bottles through the plastic bag. I do know how bad they are for the environment so we won't be buying them ever again. We recently got our well drilled and the water tastes great. That and a Mason jar with a handle and no more water bottles needed. Will have to go on a search for water fountains in our area for the times we are out and about.

Next is the issue of cooking. We were using a propane camping stove for a while until our cabin was finished and these propane canisters started piling up. I suddenly got horrified thinking about how many we had bought and how we could recycle them. I'm not sure there is a way. I knew we could do better. I thought I remembered that we had a large propane tank that wouldn't need refilling very often so I asked hubby where it might be so we could stop buying all those little ones. Turns out it was hiding in plain sight right beside his shop!

After taking stock of all the waste we make in our home and ways to improve we decided to go to the boat and play for a while. It has been hot here so the river felt great.

On the way home from the river we stopped at Kroger's and I asked the assistant manager if I could start bringing mason jars to put fresh seafood, deli and bakery items in like we do at Whole Foods. I already use reusable bags for the groceries and produce.  He didn't know but said he would ask the manager and call me. I hope so because I like the store.

I will post trash updates periodically so you can see the improvements we are making and maybe get some ideas for your home. How do you deal with trash? Does your family make a lot? Do you recycle and compost?

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